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Ready to start a gardening revolution in your backyard?
Let us help you One Small Garden at a time!

You can do it, we can do it, or we can do it together!

Milford, OH, 45150
United States

(513) 218-0573

One Small Garden can help you change your world one small garden at a time. Let us help you go from zero to gardener in less than 3 hours. Our product line includes raised garden beds, garden tables, storage sheds and accessories for small-space gardening. Our garden and shed lot is located in Milford, Ohio.



To purchase a Trellis for your One Small Garden,
please email us here!




Maximize the productivity of your garden space by adding
a vertical trellis. Made of 2" thick, rough-cut, red cedar this Trellis is sturdy, enduring and visually appealing. Whether growing cucumbers, pole beans, snap peas or tying up tomatoes-our Trellis will maximize the return of your garden.

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