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One Small Garden can help you change your world one small garden at a time. Let us help you go from zero to gardener in less than 3 hours. Our product line includes raised garden beds, garden tables, storage sheds and accessories for small-space gardening. Our garden and shed lot is located in Milford, Ohio.

Our Story

About One Small Garden and how Juliann Gardner came to practice container gardening in raised garden beds.


One Small Garden

Juliann B. Gardner began her career in gardening 17 years ago with the creation of a business specializing in container gardening. This work led to a deep understanding of how to successfully create beautiful, living floral arrangements for others in small-space containers. Around this time, Juliann was introduced to the world of organic farming through Bonnie Mitsui, owner of Turner Farm and close friend, which sparked an eagerness to grow food in her own backyard.

With her knowledge of small-space gardening on the brain, her heart’s fiery passion for growing food and with soil knife in hand, six years ago Juliann’s idea for One Small Garden became a reality. The two worlds of food and garden collided in her quest to take the extensive field of fresh farmed produce off the farm and bring it to the backyard. With the ambitious goal of creating a product that could provide easily accessible, fresh food to even the most inexperienced of gardeners, Juliann worked with the craftsmen at Wheat Ridge Cedar, a local mill in Adams County, OH, to design a simple raised bed for growing food all year long. 

The raised beds they created are made out of enduring, food safe, local cedar and are designed to provide ease of access and simplified protection for warding off critters and extending your growing seasons. With inventive minds and an amazing partnership at the mill, we credit our success to a collaboration of design, simplicity and quality. Today, we are proud to say our products are crafted to endure and provide empowerment to anyone wanting to get up and grow a little bit of their own.


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