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5 Vegetables to Seed in August - Zone 6

Michelle Blades

Right now, you’re probably enjoying all the vegetables you grew in your One Small Garden raised garden bed since the final frost in spring. You’ve probably even shared your garden bounty with friends and neighbors alike. 

But don’t think that since it’s August, your gardening season is winding down. Quite the contrary! There are still many vegetables to seed right now. (And with our Cold Frame Curtain, you can continue to harvest some veggies throughout winter!)

So what seeds can you sow this month that will give you a nice harvest in the fall? Here are five of our favorites:


#1 Lettuces

Greens love colder soil! With our first frost just 6-8 weeks away, many lettuces will thrive in sunny days with cooler night temps. Kale, spinach, Swiss chard, arugula and Romaine are just a few that you can start now and enjoy in 30-60 days. 


#2 Carrots

One of the tastiest root vegetables to come out of your garden this fall will be carrots. We suggest seeding quite a few of these Bugs Bunny delicacies. As they grow and you thin the herd, you’ll have small, sweet treats to feast on as you are letting nature take its course with the carrots left to grow big in your raised bed. Who doesn’t love a roasted carrot alongside a pot roast with potatoes? We can practically smell an autumnal Sunday dinner right now…


#3 Beets

Like Janet Jackson said, “Gimme a beet!” Or at least that is how we hear it. A close second to carrots on our list of top root veggies to grow are beets. The come in so many varietals, and each is sweeter and earthier than the next. They are easy to roast and toss on a salad or enjoy as a side dish on their own.


#4 Radishes

Hardy, spicy and easy to grow, radishes should be a staple of your garden every fall. You can actually sow these seeds later than the others and still expect a good yield before the first frost. If their spicy flavor turns you off, you can roast them with brussels sprouts for a lovely holiday side dish. Roasting mellows the flavor and softens the radish’s crunchy texture.


#5 Bush Beans

Bush beans thrive is cooler weather. The milder weather yields a more tender, flavorful vegetable. You’ll need a trellis to help support the plants as they grow taller, so be sure to plan for that in your garden-scape.

As always, we suggest investing is the very best seeds you can buy before you begin plotting your seed rows. We like Fedco seeds and recommend using them in your raised garden as well.

If you are unsure which zone you live in, this map of climate zones will help you figure it out.

Got questions about sowing seeds for fall crops? Please let us know in the comments below! We hope you enjoy this next season of growth in your One Small Garden. Happy Gardening!