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One Small Garden can help you change your world one small garden at a time. Let us help you go from zero to gardener in less than 3 hours. Our product line includes raised garden beds, garden tables, storage sheds and accessories for small-space gardening. Our garden and shed lot is located in Milford, Ohio.



One Small Garden is a raised garden bed and storage shed, cabin and tiny house dealer in Cincinnati, Ohio.


One Small Gift

Jordan Strohl

It’s still early August in the Midwest, but this past week’s weather is definitely September-leaning. The light has shifted in the yard, making for more golden sunrises and sunsets. The air is dense with anticipation of a changing season as the calendar itself beckons children everywhere back to school.

Our raised gardens are fuller now with the fruits and vegetables of our early spring and summer labor. It’s a wonderful time of year when our plates overflow with abundance - so much so that our community turns to sharing our beautiful, collective bounty.

Each year at this time, our friends, family and neighbors all swap zucchini for carrots, tomatoes for cucumbers, and so on. We all tend to grow different fruits and vegetables, and perhaps there is a subconscious motivation to do so. We know that the end of summer will yield a kind of fresh produce potluck where we will all benefit from each other’s caring work in our separate gardens. For some of us, it’s become a kind of ritual to meet at the fence with veggies in hand, offering what we cannot use.

Our One Small Garden raised beds... 

...feed us in so many ways. We spend time with them through the year nurturing growth. They give us sustenance for ourselves. And then, they encourage us to commune with others. We look forward to hearing how Susan successfully grew broccoli this year. Her stories lead her to tell us how her family is faring and none of us can believe her youngest is going to graduate in a few years. Bob tells us of his recent travels in Yellowstone as he hands over basil and thyme. The stories of our lives are sown into these precious vegetables and we consume them in many places outside of the dining room table.

Exchanges like this bring with them a quiet reflection that will surely deepen as the colder months draw nearer. Memories of putting our hands in the warm soil and the feeling of the sun on our cheeks will sustain us when Cincinnati turns grey for a solid two months in from January through February. We’ll relish the time spent cultivating food and friendships in our backyards and look forward to the earth tilting and the sun growing brighter again.

But until then, we still have much harvesting to do, food to share and stories to tell. I’ll plan on bringing the corn. You bring the radishes, friend.

Optimize Your Shed Installation!

Jordan Strohl

Shed & Cabin Checklist

We’ve made a handy checklist of things to keep in mind for delivery and enjoyment of one of our Sheds or Cabins. By following these simple guidelines, your shed or cabin placement and use will be everything you dreamed of and more!

Before placement, take a few minutes to determine:

  1. Is there at least 2-3 ft. clearance from all gates, fences and trees in the area surrounding the building’s placement?

  2. Is the roadway from the main highway to your property wide enough to accommodate safe delivery without damage to the building?

  3. Are all trees along secondary roads to your property clear of overhanging limbs by a minimum of 16 feet?

  4. Is the unloading area free of obstructions?

  5. Is the ground where the building is to be placed basically level?

After placement, you’ll want to transform the space to suit your needs. We suggest:

  1. Make a list of all the shelving, furniture and/or tools you’ll want in the space and begin visualizing where each can go.

  2. Go to the hardware store to purchase pegboard, shelving and utility hooks for your new work shed.

  3. If this space will be used as a home office or studio, decorate with interesting rugs, tables and curtains to create a cozy, inviting workspace. (Pinterest has tons of ideas and inspiration, if you need a place to start!)

  4. Need electricity in your building? We use solar panels in our office at the lot - ask us how you can, too!

  5. When your Shed or Cabin is ready for you to make it part of your everyday life, invite friends and family over to see your new addition! One Small Sheds and Cabins create useful space to make the most of your existing property and its potential!

OneSmall Shed Cabin