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One Small Garden can help you change your world one small garden at a time. Let us help you go from zero to gardener in less than 3 hours. We have everything you need to discover your green thumb including beds and sheds. Our product line includes raised beds, tables, sheds and accessories for small-space gardening.

4' Raised Beds


$175.00 - $315.00


Perfect for the serious gardener, these models provide the greatest soil depth enabling you to add more variety and yield to your harvest. The 4' Greenspot Growing Systems™ give you the greatest width to grow in, without taking up too much extra space.

- Comes in a variety of dimensions to meet
  your space--Please see dimensions and
  prices below
- Easy, tool-free assembly
- All fasteners provided
- Local, rot resistant cedar
- Rust resistant bolts and wing nuts
- Numerous add-ons

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